copper nickel tube
Product characteristics
Characteristic and scope of application of C71500: Cu90ni10 is a structural iron white copper with less nickel. Compared with BFe30-1-1, its strength and hardness are lower, but its plasticity is higher and its corrosion resistance is similar. It can replace BFe30-1-1.
The addition of Fe and Mn in C71500 alloy greatly improves the corrosion resistance of the material. In clean sea water, the current velocity of the alloy can reach 2.2-2.5%/s, and the maximum speed of acceptance in micro-salt solution can reach 4m/s. The alloy can avoid stress corrosion cracking and high temperature nickel removal. Therefore, the alloy is clean or has good corrosion resistance. The polluted seawater and bay water have good corrosion resistance and are widely used in heat exchangers using seawater in power stations, desalination and petrochemical plants.